This is a private debian repository. No files here are for public use. Any software you download here may be dangerous, flawed and of highly experimental nature. If you decide to use this repository anyway then remember I can not be held responsible for ANY damages caused by software downloaded from here!. It is YOUR sole responsibility.
The fingerprint of the signing key for these packages is:
5907 1E0A 7566 5765 1D90 AE81 8E4B D848 8E1B 172C
Add the key to your apt keyring by using the following command (as root):
gpg --recv-keys 8E1B172C; gpg -a --export 8E1B172C | apt-key add -

deb line:
deb unstable/

Please note that the name of this repository is of historical origin and might possibly be sort of misleading, since most of the latest packages that you will find here have actually been built on an unbuntu system.